John Holland
Fine Art & Craft Shows

Please send a separate application and check for each show you are signing up for.
Print the show name on each check. Checks are only cashed if you are accepted.

Space size_______________# of Spaces_____ FEE$_________

EXHIBITOR NAME: _______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: _____________

PHONE: (______) ___________________ FAX (______)________________

RESALE # _________________________________________

E-MAIL: ______________________ @ ___________________________

Exhibitor release and hold harmless agreement:
I (We) agree to hold John Holland, his staff, sponsors,Festival property owners and management harmless from any and all liabilities and claims of loss,damage or injury whatsoever nature and howsoever the same may be caused or may arise resulting directly or indirectly from participation in all John Holland Fine Art and Crafts Shows including,but not limited to lost, stolen,or damaged merchandise and display materials.
I (We) have read and agree to adhere to all the rules and regulations of the show. Payment of fees and or commission does not create a joint venture. I (We)possess a valid California Resale license.I (We) agree that photographs and slides of me, my booth,and/or my work may be used for promotional and publicity purposes.

SIGNATURE OF EXHIBITOR _____________________________
DATE: ____________

Booth and display dimensions and description_____________________________ 


Can your display adapt to irregular dimensions (Long and Narrow)? ____________ 

How large is your mailing list?_____ Average Show Sales $ ________ 

Make check payable to JOHN HOLLAND


Describe all items for sale and price range of work sold: (Be specific) 


(Use back of page if needed) 

Please list any awards, education or special training for your work
Also list who you have shown with. 



Please Enclose:
  • Signed Application & Hold Harmless Agreement
  • 4 Photos of Work
    (If you have good photos on your website, just put your website address on the application and write "photos on Website" at the bottom of the page)
  • Photo of Booth(If new exhibitor)
  • Copy of California Resale Certificate
  • Separate check for each show. Print show name on check.
  • If you are signing up for more than one show, include a separate application and check for each show with the show name printed on each check.
  • Send application and payment to my NEW MAILING ADDRESS: 
    John Holland
    44200 Brushy Ridge Loop
    Annapolis, CA. 95412
    (707) 886-5355

    Make check payable to JOHN HOLLAND

    John Holland
    Fine Art & Craft Shows
      Exhibitor Rules and Regulations
      (Please print a copy for your records)

      Jurying and Space assignment 

      • Jurying is by 4 photos representative of the items you will be selling plus one of your booth. We reserve the right to require the removal of any merchandise that has not been approved. 
      • Applying does not guarantee acceptance. 
      • Application and liability releases must be signed and required fees must be submitted with your application. You will be notified by e-mail or mail in writing of acceptance or rejection (no telephone acceptance). All fees will be returned if you are not accepted. 
      • Maps, set up information and other show information will be mailed or e-mailed approximately two weeks before the show. 
      • Exhibitor cancellations will not be allowed nor refunds given any later than 14 days  before the show. Cancellations submitted in writing prior to 14 days  before the show will receive a refund of fees paid  less a $25.00 processing fee. All cancellations must be submitted in writing. 
      Exhibit Spaces and Fees 
      • A single space is 10 x 10 ft or if an irregular shape then approximately 100 sq. ft. 
      • If you are signing up for more than one show, include a separate application and check for each show with the show name printed on each check. Checks are only cashed if you are accepted.
      • The 10% commission is to be calculated on total gross sales for the show minus sales tax. Commission is due on orders taken  at the show or resulting from the show, but delivered  at a later date. 
      • Booth appearance is extremely important. Booths, displays, tarps and table covering must be clean and in good repair. All tables must be covered to the ground. All boxes and extra merchandise must be stored out of sight. 
      • Make sure the back of your booth looks good. The back of your booth may be exposed with some show layouts. 
      • Discount and sales signs are not allowed. Signs with regular prices are allowed if printed or neatly written. 
      • Electricity is not provided in any event except for the Christmas show.. 
      Exhibitor Rules 
      • All exhibits must remain staffed during advertised show hours. Please make sure people who work for you are well trained and act in a professional manner. 
      • Exhibitors are expected to present  a friendly,  positive attitude towards customers and other exhibitors at all times. 
      • Exhibitors should greet each customer in a friendly and welcoming manner. Never ignore a customer. It is unacceptable to read a book, work on your computer, visit with other exhibitors, or talk on your cell phone while a potential customer is at your booth. 
      • Do not tear down booth or merchandise before the  official  advertised closing time. 
      • Booth spaces must be left clean after the festival. 
      • All exhibitors must have a valid state sales permit and collect sales tax. 
      • All exhibitors must park in exhibitor parking areas. 
      • Minimal overnight  security is provided. After hours all booths and merchandise must be securely covered. Do not leave  valuable  merchandise  in your booth overnight. The producers , sponsors, and festival facilities are not responsible for lost or stolen displays or merchandise. 
      • All shows will go on rain or shine. The producer will not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the disruption of the festival due to fire, or any act of God (including, but not limited to weather), public enemies, strikes, statutes, ordinances or any other cause. 
      • Unless pre-approved, radios, tape players & televisions without headphones are prohibited. 
      • Exhibitor agrees to maintain the dignity and integrity of the Festival and will not perform any act of a harmful nature. We reserve the right to ask any exhibitor or their employees to leave whom we feel are not acting in the best interest of the Festival. 
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