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Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows
 Artists and Artisans
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David Yager - Pottery
Juan Archuleta - Fine Art Painter
Robert & Wendy Foster - Fine Artist Painter
Carol Assa / Bill Spillman - Jewelry
Toni Barbera - Jewelry
Eric & Gina Biersteker - Leather
Sharon Bauman - Jewelry
Liz Blackwell - Jewelry
Nathan Blunt - Photography
Joy Bolling - Hand-made Soap
Doug Bragdon- Painter
Donna Jadis - Mooseworks Jewelry
Mernie Buchanan - Fine Artist Painter
Marilyn Berg Buchanan- Pottery
Grace Burleigh-Fine Art Painter
Brynn Caroll - Fine Art Painter
Gary Chappell - Moonshadows Fine Jewelry
Susie & Rick Chard - Pottery
Ilona DeAgastini - Whisimical Sculpture
Georganna Dean - Fine Photography
Gerald Dewey - Fine Jewelry
Sally Dimas - Fine Artist PainterRobin Cherry - Floral
Leslie Cobb - Fine Art Painter
Helena Hanna - Childrens Clothing
Dan Cooke
Kenneth & Margaret Danzer - Children Wood Toys
Ginny Davis Metal Art
Tina Davis - Jewelry
Linda Walters - Clothing
Sky Eales
All Star Dips
Lee Eisenstein - Musician
Francine Fiesel - Jewelry
Dawn Fischer - Fine Jewelry
Chandra Pegan - Stained Glass
Roy E Gessert
Rita Giroux - Ceramics
Elizabeth Hall - Jewelry
 Fran & Jerry Harr - Fine Jewelry
Jon Ames - Solar Crafts
Linda Anderson - Country Wood
Terry Hebert - Wood
Robin Herman - Peggy Hansen - Floral/Wood
Carol Hill - Textile
Tom Hinkley & Bill McClung - Guba Guba Cartoonist
Rich Irwin - Fine Metal Sculpture
Janet Jenkins - Floral
Sandra Jensen - Country Wood
Laurie Kerr - Pottery & Fountains
Faye & John  Keyawa - Folk Furniture
Robbin Lacy - Hats & Picnic Supplies
Cecil & Noreen Lee - Fine Artist Painter
Karen Lesko
Larry and Dee Levine
Pam Light - Jewelry
Charleen Martin - Fine Art Collage
Pat Matson - Clothing
Bob and Gerri Matthews - Fine Metal Sculpture
David McGlaughlin - Photography
Philip Michael Meredith - Musician
Jim Mofhitz - Handmade Clocks
Ed Moore
Gene & Roxanne Nawrocki - Belts & Leather
Lyn & Richard Orona - Fine Jewelry
Jason Perry - Wood turning
Jackie Pfefferkorn - Metal Garden Art
Sazanne Pfitzer - Dolls
Bill Phillips - Photography
Elizabeth Phillips - Photography
Andre Pohlman - Wood Sculpture
John Porsee - Chainsaw Carvings
Jeff Potter - Ally Cats Clothing
Delight Prescott  - Fine Art Painter
Richard Zunker - Pottery Sculpture
Shirley Robles - Clay Sculpture
Harold & Barbel Schnoor - Slate Fountains
Harold Snodgrass - Fountains
Bill and Donna Campbell - Wood
Faye Soils - Floral
Mela Steimle - Fused Glass Jewelry
Cindy Stenson - Rich Rags Clothing
Cheryl Sweet
Michael Swinnie - Fine Art Painter
Maria Talacona - Fine Art Painter
Rose Thunberg - Canvas Hats and Clothing
Linda Torantino - Victoriain Clothing
 Lynden Tripp - Fine Art Painter
Connie Troupe - Painted Clothing
Joyce Van Scyoc - Jewelry
Judy Harris - Floral
Merrie Westover - Hand -crafted Tapestry Travel Bags
Roy and Debra White - Fine Woodworking
Sabine Whitlock - Glass
Dave and Sue Yacopetti - Childrens Puzzles
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